Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Athena - Heather B. Moore

Athena is book number four in the Newport Ladies Book Club series and it gives us a fantastic look into the life of Athena. Athena is the character we know the least about, so this was the book I looked forward to the most.

When asked to describer herself Athena says, "I am 32 and single." Now this is not even close to being true. Athena is a 32 year old single woman who is terrified of ending up like her mother, a woman who is completely focused on taking care of her husband and trying to marry off her daughter to a nice Greek man. That is the last thing that Athena wants to do. She has spent the last few years building her own magazine. She has spent the last many years focusing completely on her work. She has been in a semi-relationship for the last year with a photographer, but when he decides that he wants to turn their semi-romance into a full fledged romance Athena takes a giant step backwards. But to prove she is not the workaholic Karl thinks she is, she decides it is time to start branching out. On a run one morning she is enticed into a bookstore by a very handsome man named Grey, and is somehow talked into joining a book club.

This story is a great journey through the world of a single woman trying to find out who she really is. But to do that she has to come to terms with the mother who raised her and the father who tried to control the family's every move. This story truly reminds me that we are not always who we show ourselves to be on the outside. And also we really have no clue what is going on inside the marriage of those we love and hold dear. This book had me laughing, crying and hoping that love would find it's way into the heart of a lonely scared woman. Heather B. Moore has done a beautiful job bringing Athena to life.

This was supposed to be a four book series, but I have heard that four more books might be in the works. If that is true I truly look forward to those new stories finding their way into my home and heart. Thanks Ladies and keep up the great work. 

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  1. Thanks for the review! Yes, there will actually be 5 more books. Shannon, Ruby, Ilana, and Victoria will all get their own books in 2013. Then we'll put out a Reunion book after that.