Saturday, April 21, 2012

Delivering Hope - Jennifer Holt

Delivering Hope is a story from two different perspectives. The first tells us the story about Olivia, a woman who has been trying for two years to add a baby to her family with no luck. As an LDS woman with infertility issues this book felt like my personal journal. Every thought I had, every feeling you feel. Month after month waking up to find your period starting felt like a personal failure. This book was so true to life it felt like my life eight years ago. It was difficult to read, but also wonderful because you realize that there are other women out there who really are going through the same things you are. You are not alone.
The second part deals with Ally, an 18 year old girl who made a mistake and now had to deal with the consequences of that mistake. Alone and scared she now has to decide shat should happen with not only her life, but the life that is now growing inside her. To her there really is no choice. She was pregnant and she would now change her plans to give this baby all she had to offer. But as time goes on, her brother helps her to see that she has not done the one thing that would let her know what was best for her baby. After a truly difficult prayer session she realizes that what is best for the baby is not what she had in mind.
This is a beautiful story written by a woman who has been there. I would recommend this book to all mothers, whether you be a biological mother or not, we are all mothers. Thank you Jennifer Holt.  It felt like someone had finally told my story.