Thursday, February 16, 2012

The Newport Ladies Book Club

The idea for the Newport Ladies Book Club is a new concept that I am very excited about. This series is written by four different authors, about four different women whose lives intersect. Olivia is the first book in this series, written by Julie Wright.
The story begins at the dining room table of Olivia's home where she awaits her husband of 18 years. This is to be their anniversary dinner, and her husband is nowhere to be found. Did he forget? Does he not care? Is he with someone else? Olivia is a touching tale about the struggles of a family who is dealing with the tragedy of secrets kept, lies that are told and the damage that has on children and your family.
Olivia is the second wife of her husband Nick and the mother of four of his six children. For some reason that has never been told her, Nick has lost touch with his two oldest children, and has never explained why. Now Nick seems to be withdrawing from Olivia and her children. Olivia had always tried to bring the whole family together, but at Nick's daughters wedding there is an argument with his son that leaves the family in shambles and a cold silence between father and son.
Olivia has spent the last 18 years living for everyone but herself. She has become as her husband will call her "the giving tree," giving her entire self to those she loves while keeping nothing of herself. During a late night walk she finds a flyer inviting fellow readers to join a book club. It is finally time for Olivia to take some time for herself. In joining this book club Olivia is finally opening herself up to meeting new friends and finding the woman she has lost.
Not only is this a wonderful book about Olivia, but a glimpse into the pages of future books. In the book club we meet Daisy, a mother who is about to become an empty-Nester, Paige a newly single parent, and Athena, a single woman who is going to be needing strong shoulders to help ease her burdens.
This is a fantastic beginning to this series. I can not wait for the next installment which is about Daisy written by one of my favorite authors, Josi S. Kilpack. This book is set to be released in June 2012, and I look forward to giving you a glimpse into Daisy's story then.
The next books I will be telling you about are the most recent series by Anita Stansfield, The Shadows if Brierly.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Let's get started

Hello all my friends and loved ones. I have decided to start a blog about the one thing I love more than anything in the world. My passion for as long as I can remember is books. I am not very picky, but it has become obvious that I can tell a good book from a bad one.

Therefor I have decided to start reviewing all the books I am reading, have read and plan to read in the future. I have been given the opportunity to review a new book that has been published by Covenant Communications, Inc. It is titled Olivia, and is the first in a new series titled "The Newport Ladies Book Club." This series will be written by four different authors, about four different characters whose lives all intertwine. I am very excited to start reading this new book, and new series, and I look forward to sharing my reviews with you all.

My favorite books have always had an LDS author or theme, but I will read almost anything. Therefor you will not just be able to read a review about LDS books but others as well. In fact I have currently purchased a book called "Sarah's Key," which is about a child during the Holocaust. That will be the book I review right after, "Olivia."

I have spent many nights reading some wonderful books that have filled my Library and I hope you will join me in this new journey. I will also be looking for inspiration from all my readers, so if you have a book in mind I would love to help you. Thanks to all, and I look forward to this new journey that I hope you all will walk with me.